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With Saving Account  deposits accepted for an unlimited period of time on which the Bank is required to pay interest.  The deposits in this account have no defined maturity and remain with the Bank as long as the depositor wishes. The main aim of saving account is to enhance the society’s saving cultures.

Children Saving Account

An inspirational saving account to encourage parents and/or guardians to save for their children.

Entitled age group between 14 and 18.


  • Proper application of the guardian for Minors,
  • Renewed and Valid ID card of the guidance acceptable to the Bank.
  • Court decision for the appointment of the guardian for Minors,
  • copy of birth certificate,
  • Two passport size of the Minor and Guardians, etc

Attractive & high interest rate

Youth Saving Account

Saving account for youngster whose age is between 18 and 24 with for long term benefits, such as financing their educational requirements at higher level and providing them with enough funds as moderate while starting to live independently.

Attractive & high interest rate

Special Deposit Scheme:

  • Save for Asset
  • Upfront Interest Deposit

Target Saving Deposit:

  • Education Saving Account
  • Entrepreneur Saving Deposit
  • Vacation and Travel Saving Account
  • Wedding Saving Account
  • Global Target Deposit
  • Tax Saving Account
  • Social Saving Account
  • Incident Account

Golden Age Saving Account

Saving account for your future retirement period and make your retirement age save from financial shortages.

Attractive & high interest rate

Common requirement to get any of our products

Identification cardInitial deposit | Two passport size photograph

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